Urbex – Another way to explore

There are other ways to practice urbex. Exploring with a guide is sometimes advisable or even compulsory, as for Chernobyl, Baikonur, Svalbard or the catacombs of Paris…

How? With a guide? Sacrileges! Well yes, but sometimes we have no choice but to go through tourist companies to see unusual places. Exploring some places without a guide is sometimes too dangerous, or too random.

But not just with any tourist agency. We will talk about one in particular: Urbex tour. There are probably others, but we have explored with them, and they are very experienced explorers. They have explored all the most extraordinary and dangerous places in Eastern Europe. Their level of urbex and exploration far exceeds that of the average Western European explorer.


Several companies propose to make you visit the city infamous for the tragic events that it knew, Prypiat. Our recommendations: do not take group visits! Firstly because you will be with all the ordinary tourists, but also because you will be walking the standard route that everyone else sees. Take a private tour, it’s a bit more expansive sure, but it’s much more wrth it! The private tour will be much more interesting, and if you kindly ask the guide, he may show you places closed to the public…

This is a place steeped in history, but it has really been turned into a tourist factory, which somewhat distorts this incredible place. Most visitors are only there to feed their social networks, and it is felt that the story behind Prypiat interest them very moderately. The visit is still worth it if you take a privatized visit, the atmosphere of some buildings will take you to the guts.



It is a dream for many of us to see these abandoned Soviet rockets. Not everyone is capable of setting up such an operation, especially given the risks. Urbex Tour offers its services for a substantial fee.



Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean, and it is an opportunity to mix exploration, urbex and discovery of unusual landscapes.


Kiev’s Underground

The team from “Another Kiev” (recently renamed Urbex Tour) invites you to visit the other side of the Ukrainian capital. Underground and bunker are on the program. An ideal way to get away from the rhythm of the city and other tourists! The visit is provided by urbex enthusiasts, explorers of a level that exceeds many of us.


Paris Catacombs

Visits organized by the same team mentioned for Ukraine, but this time, it’s happening in Paris! Two visits are proposed: one in a subway, the other in the catacombs. We have not tested, but it can really be a good experience.