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  • Already more than 1000 exchanges in 2 years.
  • We receive an average of two exchange requests per day.
  • 1/3 of our coordinates come from exchanges with explorers.
  • Answer in 48h.

Help us

  • If you have intels about abandoned location in our database, help us and get rewarded.
  • 1 update =  1 urbex of your choice (< or = 2.99e).


  • Did you buy a product? Did you make an exchange with us?
  • The coordinate(s) is outdated? (destruction, fire, renovation…).
  • You can benefit from a refund or an exchange.


  • We are developing a network of explorers in order to expand our urbex acquaintances worldwilde.
  • Let’s talk by email, let’s see what we have to offer each other


How can I contact you?
  • To request a refund, click here.

  • For an exchange of addresses between you and us, it's here.

  • If you have informations about some of our locations (destruction, renovation, fire…), share it with us and get rewarded with free location(s) : here

  • If you are interested about a partnership with us, click here
Are you sure your locations still exist?

We do our best to keep the locations up to date. Locations are added and removed in a weekly basis based on information we receive from various sources : our own explorations, costumers informations (refund), explorers updates (updates) our network (partnership)…

With 3000 urbex locations, we cannot 100% guarantee that an address is always current. That's why we have a refund policy, unlike our competitors. Give us proof and choose between free location(s) or refund.

When and how do I get my coordinates?

At the end of your purchase, your addresses are available for download directly from the website. You will also find them in an email sent automatically and directly after your purchase, to the email address you have provided. You will receive them as a .txt document, which can be easily opened.

When and how do I get my map(s)?

How? If you purchased a map, you can only access it by our website. The link to access it can be found : 1) in the main menu < Maps < My Maps 2) Just after your purchase, in the thank you page.

When? Automated and immediate access.

What payment options are available?

Credit card / Paypal / Bancontact / IDeal. Credit card payment is 100% secured by one of the leaders in the internet transaction market: Stripe.

I'd rather exchange addresses than buy them, is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Exchange with us. We exchange all unknown addresses for all those available on the site. It's simple, fill in the form, fill in what you exchange and what you want. Within 48 hours, we will study your proposal and send you your locations.

If I give you update informations, can I get a free address?

Yes. You can get free locations by exchanging informations you get about locations of our database. It's our Update policy. 1 information = 1 coordinate (

Do I need to be registered to purchase coordinates / maps ?

In the payment form, you will be asked for an email address and a password, these will be your login for your account. The advantage of being registered is that you can access your map if you bought one, your information will be saved (your next purchases will be even faster) and you have access to all your order history.

How to ask a specific question ?

If you have a specific question and you haven't found the answer in the categories or the FAQ, please click here.