How to find urbex places?

Wondering how explorers find urbex coordinates? You are in the right place.

Easyurbes gives you some tips to find urbex locations.

Associate Research

To protect the location of abandoned buildings, members of urbex rename the premises. One of the easiest methods is to do a google search with the nickname of the building you are looking for, and to go to the bottom of the search page and see the “associated searches”. Sometimes you find a small clue about the location of the urbex area!

Go around the blogs

Although community members are increasingly reluctant to share information, some people sometimes leave a few clues on their blogs. It is therefore relevant to look around the existing articles and read and look at the photos carefully, a clue is often hidden there!

Google Maps

This method is one of the longest, but you might be lucky and found something ! Open a Google maps page and observe the buildings from the satellite view, if you are lucky, you may find an abandoned place!


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Buy them

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