How to access my map?

No need to wait for us to validate anything, or to give you access manually.
To simplify your life (and the urbex), access to all our products, including our maps, is automated.
What does that mean? As soon as your purchase is complete, you have access to your urbex map. It’s that simple!

Let’s see how it works in practice:

1. Access right after your purchase on the Post Purchase Page

Immediately after purchasing your map, on the post-purchase page, select your products under "Access your purchased content".

2. Access on your EasyUrbex account

Log In into your EasyUrbex account, select "Purchased content" and select your map under "Content purchased"

Or Log In, select "Orders", select the order number, then select the name of your map under "Access your purchased content".

Still having problems accessing your map? Contact us