How do the maps work?

How to access my map?

All is automated, so no human-action is required to provide the map to you. This means that access is immediate: once the item has been paid for, you have access automatically.

If you are unable to access your map, see how to access my map or contact us, we will give you another way.


In the top right-hand corner, select "LogIn" and enter your username and password.


Select "Purchased Content" or "Orders".


Select your map under "Content purchased" or under "Access your purchased content" if you choose "Order".

How is the map viewed?

What looks like EasyUrbex maps

The map opens on our website. A web page will open in which the map has been integrated.

You can consult your maps on any device (computer, tablet, mobile...)

The maps were made on Google My Maps.


By purchasing a map in 2022 you are entitled to free updates implemented twice a month until 31 December 2022.

In 2023 you will still have access to this map but it will no longer be updated.

Free updates contain new coordinates, dead spots, modifications, information, tips, pictures, youtube video URLs...

These updates are made thanks to your exchanges, your feedback and that of our partners, and our own research / explorations.

new urbex coordinates added to the maps


Upgrade Urbex Map

If you wish to continue to receive updates in 2023, you will have to buy an upgrade which will be available in 2023 in the top menu under Maps (Upgrade => 2023).

Upgrade prices

Belgium 39.90e
Antwerp 19.90e
East Flanders 19.90e
Flemish Brabant 19.90e
Hainaut 14.90e
Liege 14.90e
Limburg 14.90e
Luxembourg 4.90e
Namur 9.90e
Wallon Brabant 4.90e
West Flanders 19.90e
France 39.90e
Auvergne 19.90e
Bourgogne 19.90e
Bretagne 9.90e
Centre Val-de-Loire 9.90e
Grand Est 19.90e
Hauts-de-France 19.90e
Ile-de-France 19.90e
Maginot Line 4.90e
Normandie 19.90e
Nouvelle-Aquitaine 19.90e
Occitanie 19.90e
Pays de la Loire 4.90e
PACA 19.90e
Germany 29.90e
Baden-Wuerttemberg 4.90e
Bavaria 14.90e
Berlin 4.90e
Brandenburg 14.90e
Hesse 4.90e
Lower Saxony 9.90e
North Rhine-W. 19.90e
Saxony 9.90e
Saxony-Anhalt 4.90e
Thuringia 4.90e
Italy 29.90e
Emilia-Romagna 9.90e
Lombardy 9.90e
Piemonte 14.90e
Sardinia 9.90e
Tuscany 4.90e
I WANT ALL 49.90e
Greece 4.90e
Japan 9.90e
Luxembourg 9.90e
Netherlands 14.90e
Poland 9.90e
Portugal 14.90e
Spain 14.90e
Switzerland 9.90e
United Kingdom 9.90e