How do the maps work?

How to access my maps

Automated system, you have access to your map directly after purchase.

3 way to access your map:

1. Immediately after purchasing your map, on the post-purchase page, click on your products under the "access your purchased content".

2. Log in to your EasyUrbex account, click on Maps > My Maps on the top menu, and select the map you purchased.

If you have purchased a region of France or Belgium, click on the map of France or Belgium, a new page with the regions will open. Select the map purchased.

3. Log in into your EasyUrbex account, click on "orders", click on the order number, then click on the name of your map under "Access your purchased content".

Still having problems accessing your map? Contact us

Map available only at



  • The maps were made on Google My Maps.

  • You can only consult your maps on our website. A web page will open in which the map has been integrated The maps will not open on Google My Maps or elsewhere.
  • You can consult the maps on any device (computer, tablet, mobile...)

Where can I see my map?




  • By buying a map here, you also buy a year of free updates


  • Free updates happens twice a month.


  • Free updates contain new coordinates, dead spots, modifications, information, tips, pictures, youtube video URLs...

Do you update the maps?

Unlimited access


  • By buying a map here, you get an unlimited access to your map. No restrictions anymore.

How long have i access to my map?

Downloading / Sharing



  • When consulting your map on our website, it is not possible to download all the coordinates (KML / KMZ...)


  • Nor is it possible to share the map.

Can i download the KML/KMZ file?

Dead spots



  • Dead coordinates are indicated in the maps ("dead spot" mention in the title).


  • The reason is very often explained (fire, renovation, new owner, sale, sealed...).


  • You can notify us at any time if a coordinated is outdated here (link available in the description of each coordinate of the map)

Do you mention dead spots on your maps?

Free trial



  • You have questions: how do I access my map in practice? How does the map work? Test our free trial map.
  • You will see what our maps look like and how everything is working.
  • None of the coordinates here are viable (random points), it's just an example.

Do you offer a free trial?

Get ready



  • To open the list of coordinates, click on the icon at the top left


  • To help you prepare your explorations, you may come across:
    • pictures
    • information / tips
    • reports from explorers / partners
    • Youtube video URLs

What can I expect from your maps?

For the I WANT ALL map, the layers are differents:


  • Franco-Swiss Coalition = France / Switzerlands
  • Benelux United = Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg
  • The Mediterranean Axis = Italy / Spain / Portugal / Malta / Cyprus / Tunisia / Turkey / Western Sahara
  • Holy German Empire = Germany / Poland / Austria / Czesh Republic / Hungary / Slovakia
  • The Northern Lights = United Kingdom / Ireland / Norway / Sweden / Finland
  • The Balkan Initiative = Croatia / Alabnie / Bulgaria / Greece / Macedonia / Montenegro / Romania / Serbia
  • Soviet Union = Russia / Belarus / Estonia / Kazakhstan / Latvia / Lithuania / Moldova / Ukraine / Armenia / Georgia
  • The Rising Sun = Japan / Australia / Bangladesh / Indonesia / Solomon Islands / Taiwain / Vietnam
  • God Bless America = United States of America / Canada / Costa Rica / Grenada / Mexico / Puerto Rico
  • New - 2021 = The coordinates we have added in 2021

But the categories remain the same:


  • Residential (Castle, Manor, Villa, House, Appartments, Abandoned town or island…)
  • Medical (Hospital, Sanatorium, Clinic, Retirement home, Therme…)
  • Education (School, University, Institut, Orphanage, Boarding School…)
  • Entertainment (Swimming pool, Amusment park, Nightclub, Theater, Bowling, Stadium…)
  • Commercial (Restaurant, Hotel, Farm, Greenhouse, Bar, Camping, Shopping center…)
  • Industrial (Factory, Power plant, Cool tower, Quarry…)
  • Religious (Church, Convent, Chapel, Monastery, Abbey, Mausolum…)
  • Military (Military Camp, Bunker, Fort, Barrack, Underground, Tank, Trucks…)
  • Transportation (Cars, Planes, Boat, Transportation cemetery and wreck, Airbase, Train station…)
  • Infrastructures (Prison, Office, Congress hall, Bridge, Viaduct, Lighthouse, Tunnel, Courthouse…)

ISO country codes:


  • Alabnie = [ALB]
  • Armenia = [ARM]
  • Australia = [AUS]
  • Austria = [AUT]
  • Bangladesh = [BGD]
  • Belarus = [BLR]
  • Belgium = [BEL]
  • Bulgaria = [BGR]
  • Canada = [CAN]
  • Costa Rica = [CRI]
  • Croatia = [HRV]
  • Cyprus = [CYP]
  • Czesh Republic = [CZE]
  • Estonia = [EST]
  • Finland = [FIN]
  • France = [FRA]
  • Georgia = [GEO]
  • Germany = [DEU]
  • Greece = [GRC]
  • Grenada = [GRD]
  • Hungary = [HUN]
  • Indonesia = [IDN]
  • Ireland = [IRL]
  • Italy = [ITA]
  • Japan = [JPN]
  • Kazakhstan = [KAZ]
  • Latvia = [LVA]
  • Lithuania = [LTU]
  • Luxembourg = [LUX]
  • Macedonia = [MKD]
  • Malta = [MLT]
  • Mexico = [MEX]
  • Moldova = [MDA]
  • Montenegro = [MNE]
  • Norway = [NOR]
  • Netherlands = [NLD]
  • Portugal = [PRT]
  • Poland = [POL]
  • Puerto Rico = [PRI]
  • Romania = [ROU]
  • Russia = [RUS]
  • Serbia = [SRB]
  • Slovakia = [SVK]
  • Solomon Islands = [SLB]
  • Spain = [ESP]
  • Sweden = [SWE]
  • Switzerlands = [CHE]
  • Taiwain = [TWN]
  • Thailand = [THA]
  • Tunisia = [TUN]
  • Turkey = [TUR]
  • United Kingdom = [GBR]
  • United States of America = [USA]
  • Ukraine = [UKR]
  • Vietnam = [VNM]
  • Western Sahara = [WSH]

Do you use layers on your maps?

Satellite view



  • Our maps use the satellite view of Google map.


  • This way you can get an accurate overview of the surroundings of the coordinates.


  • You can change the background map of your maps.

What is the background of the maps?





  • Quick access to route for each coordinate.


  • Click on a place, then click on the arrow on the top left.


  • A new "google map" page will open, with the urbex coordinates of the destination.

Can I access a route from the maps?




  • The authorized means of payment are:
    • Credit and debit cards
    • Paypal
    • IDeal
    • Bancontact


  • Card payments are secured by Stripe

What types of payment are accepted?



You can request a refund only for the purchase of individual coordinates


  • We do not refund the purchase of a map licence, unless you have a technical problem (e.g. no access).

    Why? Some outdated coordinates are not a valid reason for a refund (see our T&C’s). The price of the maps is much lower than the price of the coordinates if you buy them one by one, in order to take into account the probability that you will perhaps come across an outdated spot in your exploration. In addition, the location of places varies enormously, and you may come across some newly renovated locations, this happens and is a part of the practice.

  • If you have issues accessing the map or other technical problem, contact us

Is a refund available?




  • EasyUrbex is not responsible for any incidents that may occur during the urban explorations indicated on these maps.


  • EasyUrbex is also not responsible for accidents or incidents that occur in a urbex location. Each urban explorer is responsible for his or her actions and any (legal) consequences when entering an abandoned site.


What is your liability policy?

100% legal



  • Activity and business plan validated by a lawyer before the creation of the company.
  • You are dealing with a 3 years old company registered in France and with the leader market, not with a suspicious website.
  • EasyUrbex it's :
    • 22000 orders
    • 3500 map orders
    • 12000 Customers
    • 1500 exchanges
    • 3500 coordinates in 54 countries

Can I trust you?

Maps policy


The EasyUrbex Licence Maps are a service to provide and manage information suitable to urban explorers, artistic creators (photographers, models, youtube) and adventurious / curious / travelers.

EasyUrbex is not responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur at a urbex location. Each urban explorer is responsible for his or her actions and any (legal) consequences when entering an abandoned site.

Every map that is offered has a Map Policy, the EasyUrbex Terms of Sales and Conditions of Use (T&C) When placing an order, you must agree to this Folder Policy.

These urban exploring maps offer suggestions for carrying out the hobby urban exploring (urbex) and other artistic contents. The maps offer no guarantee of access, nor 100% certainty that the indicated places are (still) suitable for exploration. Moreover, we give no guarantee about the state and photographic values of these places.

These maps are updated twice a month.

The manager ROAD CHILL has the right to change the content of the maps if necessary. Also, the manager does not own the locations on these urban exploration maps at all.

EasyUrbex Maps are limited distribution Google My Maps managed by EasyUrbex.


Internet recommended

To use this service, you must have an internet connection. 3G/ 4G or WIFI (recommended).

Without an internet connection, you cannot access the map.

You can only have access to the map: through this link: or in your customer account (orders) or in the post-purchase page.



The price is unique. It does not correspond to the purchase of locations, but to the purchase of a service.

The price of EasyUrbex Maps licenses can be modified at any time.

The maps will remain online indefinitely and will be accessible 24 hours a day.

A new version will be available every year. You can upgrade voluntarily without any obligation.

If this map is replaced for any reason, EasyUrbex will pay you compensation (for example, free access to the replacement map).


One year access - Upgrades

You buy an unlimited access to the map you purchased. We update your map for one year. So after one year, you still get access, but your map will no longer be updated. If you wish to keep get the updates, you will have to buy an upgrade which will be available in the shop (from 5e to 50e depending on the map).

Each discount will be checked manually. It is therefore unnecessary to indicate that you have the previous version when it is not the case. If you do it anyway, your order will be cancelled.



Valid reasons for a refund on the purchase of a map are :

- The product does not match the description. In no case, some "outdated" locations is a valid reason. We cannot guarantee that these locations will still be abandoned at the time of your visit. This is the essence of the practice.

- Problem accessing the map or other technical problem.

You cannot cancel this purchase in any way once you have accessed the map. If you ask for a refund through a means of payment such as Paypal, Ideal or Bancontact, we  will cancel your access until a decision on the dispute has been rendered.

EasyUrbex reminds our customers that they are buying access to a map, the owner of the map remains EasyUrbex. The maps shared with our customers are a package of locations sold at a much lower price than our individual locations, and that the price of these packages includes the "right to error" regarding the possibility of stumbling upon outdated locations during your road trip.


A few times during the year, for holidays, sales, etc... we set up promotional codes for a limited time. To know this codes, follow our social networks.



By paying for an EasyUrbex Map License Service, EasyUrbex gives you exceptional access to this non-public map. This service is a service to access information on urban exploration locations.

You are not the owner of this map. You only have an access that allows you to consult it.

EasyUrbex has the right to modify the content of the maps if necessary. In addition, EasyUrbex does not own the places shown on this map at all.

This map doesn't give you any certainty that a location can be visited, nor that the locations mentioned on the map are actually still abandoned.



EasyUrbex is the property of Road Chill and is not responsible for any incidents that may occur during the urban explorations indicated on these maps.

If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), you must first request permission from your parents (or guardian) before conducting this urban exploration activity.

EasyUrbex is also not responsible for accidents or incidents that occur in a urbex location. Each urban explorer is responsible for his or her actions and any (legal) consequences when entering an abandoned site.

See the Terms and Conditions for more information.

EasyUrbex is not responsible for incidents that occur when a user of an EasyUrbex map license uses or copies a map offline and thus visits places that no longer belong to the "urbex" category (due to renovation, new owner...).


Access canceled

EasyUrbex will also block your license in case of discovery of theft, vandalism, violation of the law or commercial use of its products.

It is also forbidden to copy and republish our maps. Its use for commercial purposes is prohibited. If this is the use made by the customer, Road Chill reserves the right to take legal action.

If these practices are intercepted, your map license will be permanently deleted. A refund of the licence due to blocking / deletion is not possible.

We advise you to always use this database online. This way, you will always have the right information and your database will always be up to date.



By placing an order, you accept the EasyUrbex Terms and Conditions and this map policy