Is Urbex Legal?

A question that has been asked and discussed a lot

The legality of urbex depends on the country

We hear everything and everything. What is already clear is that it depends on the country, since each country has its own laws.

Already, there is nothing legally concerning “urbex” as a practice. To find an answer to the question whether urbex is legal, we must look at private property laws. And that depends on the country. In my case, France, the rule being that the violation of private property as such is not punishable by law, unless the person entering your property commits theft or damages an object present.

Legal yes, but with many exceptions

Seems urbex is legal (in France), however it has exceptions to all this:

  • And the most important thing is if it’s someone’s home. Then there is home invasion: it is an offence to break into or attempt to break into someone else’s home against their will.
  • If there is a fence or sign, the owner can sue you. On the other hand, if you enter without damaging or destroying a fence and there is no sign indicating that it is private property, everything seems to indicate that you are in compliance with the law.


To put it simply: urbex is legal up to certain limits: if it is clearly someone’s home, if there are other explicit signs that trespassing is not allowed as a sign.

You can always ask the owner for permission.