Price Policy

To understand why we set these prices, you need to know a few things:



We spent and still spend hundreds of hours in internet searches. It is necessary to search, check and add. Searching for an abandoned place has never been easy, either before or now. Checking an address is very important and can take time. Adding sesame to the site can also be time-consuming.



How many weekends we spend on the road ?
We can’t even count. We had to take planes many times, hotel rooms and rented cars. The subject is not to complain that all this has a cost, no one is forcing us to do it and it is fun, but having additional income to continue this is good to take. If we can help some novices and enthusiasts to find urbex locations easily, it’s perfect!


Our addresses cost between 0.99e and 3.99e per unit
, this seems to us to be a fair price contained the workload, and the expenses that go with it. If this does not suit you, you can always opt for an exchange with us here. In comparison, our competitors have prices ranging from 2.49e to 4.99e.

We accept payment by Credit Card, Paypal, Ideal and Bancontact.


After years of exploring all over the world, we offer you the best of our experience, like this hotel lost in the middle of the Japanese forest.