Have you always wanted to explore the Maginot Line? This is an extraordinary urbex that will take you 40 metres underground in total darkness.

The Maginot Line was a bit like France’s Chinese wall. Built in the years 1928-1940, it was intended to protect France against a sudden attack from Germany, leaving time to mobilise the French army. It did not have time to play its full role, as the forces of the Third Reich bypassed it through the Ardennes. The expression “Maginot Line” has become synonymous with a defence that is believed to be inviolable, but which proves ineffective.

These hundreds of kilometres of underground tunnels have long been abandoned. Except for a few sections that have been converted into a museum. For the rest, many of the old entrances have been sealed, but not all.

After months of research and hundreds of kilometres of travel, the EasyUrbex team have listed the entrances that are still accessible. If you are interested in exploring the Maginot Line yourself, we offer you a map listing the sections still accessible.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the daily life of the army reservists stationed in these fortifications. You will descend 40 metres underground to travel tens of kilometres through the countless tunnels of the Maginot Line.

Urbex abandoned tunnels of the Maginot Line

Before being an extraordinary exploration, it is an experience that remains engraved in the memory. If you also have a taste for history, all the elements are there to make this exploration an unforgettable experience.

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