Urbex Rules

It’s not a secret that buying adresses do not comply with the famous Urbex rule of finding your own spots !
But here, we do not judge you !

And make no mistake, urban explorers who find places on their own are the minority. They find an abandoned place, they exchange it and then the majority acquire by exchange or purchase. If you don’t know explorers or if you don’t know the existence of websites like ours, it will be time-consuming looking for abandoned places. It’s not impossible at all, but if you don’t really like searching for hours, we offer a service that will make your search much easier.

However, there are other Urbex rules that we consider much more important to remember and respect:

Degrading the spot thou shall not

It’s a recurring problem when you visit abandoned places, especially in France. Places are enough damaged by time and thugs, no need to deteriorate some more. Think about the next explorers that will come after you. Dont’t leave any mark about your little adventure… only the spot matters, not your trace.

The place has to be left intact, just as you’ve found it.

Thou shall take care

It is worth to remind you that Urbex is quite dangerous, and most of places are quite old, some of them are abandonned since decades ! You’re taking risks in inexploring deteriorated spots, (forewarned is forearmed)!

So it’s important not to get in blindly, and to make a good evaluation for every step you’ll make.

We insist on this : you don’t fell it, you dont’ get in !

Stealing thou shall not

Thugs are not the sole problem, thieves, antique and scrap dealers are parts of the deteriotations as well. So keep in mind that you are not at home, and everything that is inside is not yours. You’re here to explore and take nice pictures, it’s not a car boot sale !

 What if I get caught ?

Run away thou shall not

Of course, if you trigger an alarm, you can take your chance. But if a guard or an owner catch you, it’s useless to run away. He might think that you came here for stealing or degrading, and he even might want to call the police. So stay calm and polite. Go meet the person to explain why you’re here.

Bad faith thou shall not be of

Yeah, if we think seriously about it, this is what it’s really about : you’re in a private place which doesn’t belong to you, you’re the one who is wrong. So it’s useless to pick a quarrel with the landlord, just be completly honest. Sometimes, it’s enough to show your camera as a proof of good faith. If the landlord asks you to leave, just do it.