To those who think that urbex sales websites are the devil

Let’s discuss the subject : urbex coordinates sales websites, are they unethical? Are people like us monsters selling coordinates? Is it that bad?

A sensitive issue in this elitist environment, but we will try to bring our point of view.

Make no mistake, urban explorers who find places on their own are in the minority. They find urbex places, then the majority acquire them by exchange or purchase.

An unwritten rule

It is urbex policy not to disclose coordinates. An unwritten rule but like many others (not to degrade places…) that provides a moral framework for a healthier practice of urban exploration. It goes without saying that no one is penalized by a failure to comply with these rules. The only courts in question are your own conscience and possibly social networks where lynching has become the rule (it only counts if you give a shit by the way).

Is it legal ?

Some might argue that beyond these ethical rules, it is necessary to respect the law, and selling coordinates is not. Well, you’re not a lawyer. We are not a lawyer either (five years of law school anyway), but we intend to work legally, and our project was validated beforehand by a lawyer. If you would like more details about legality.


And ethic?

Okay, it’s legal, but it’s wrong what you’re doing.
According to whom? You? If you think about it, it has no negative impact, and I expand on that part below.
You just conform to the majority opinion, because it is simpler, more reassuring and less socially exclusionary than thinking for yourself. I invite you to read the work of the psychologist Solomon Asch.


These are the arguments most often heard:


“There are evil people who buy your coordinates and it degrades the place.” Do you really think a breaker has ever heard of our website in any way? Do you really think he would pay X euros to damage an abandoned building? This kind of person degrades the places near his home (abandoned or not) when he and his crew have finished hanging out in McDonald’s. The risk that one of these people will arrive on our website, buy a coordinate and go for demolish it is like 0.0000001%.


“It’s not a game, we’ve been looking for hours.” Well, if you enjoy looking, good for you, others prefer to be chewed up, and simply enjoy visiting these abandoned places without searching for weeks. The people who make this argument end up buying our coordinates, they have simply taken a blow to their ego by discovering the websites selling coordinates, even though they consider themselves to be “purists” from the beginning. They have spent hundreds of hours looking for urbex coordinates and feel that everyone else should have to go through the same.


“It’s one of the rules of urbex!” Written by whom? Codified in which law? Even in football, it is written that simulation is forbidden, and these assholes spend 90 minutes falling like flies. It is also a rule to respect our environment, and even a vital duty since we owe our lives to our environment, and yet nearly 70% of wildlife has disappeared in the last 50 years. You certainly eat meat, you’ll probably have two or three kids as stupid as you are, you have no awareness of the world you live in and you come to moralize about an ethical rule on urbex?

Good in the socks

Now the reasons why we are at peace with ourself with this business:

We are a legal company not like almost all our competitors so we contribute through taxes to the “common good”, even if the use that is made of taxes is another matter. And we don’t sell equipment to rob places like we sometimes see elsewhere.

We don’t traffic in humans, we sell gps coordinates. In the scale of stupidity that human displays on a daily basis, we don’t have much to worry about.

We don’t put a knife to people’s throats to buy. We offer a service that facilitates access to urbex, and we are regularly thanked for it.

Step back

Step back for a moment. Is it that bad? I mean, do you know the real problems that deserve people to mobilize? The climate emergency, the drifts of the financial system, food waste, the thawing of the permafrost, the appalling living and working conditions of billions of people for the benefit of a few…

And some people insult, lynch and threaten, because they don’t like a website? But they will let themselves be pissed on daily by the political and financial elites? Or have much more destructive habits such as contributing to the slaughter of animals by eating meat, wasting hundreds of litres of water every day or participating in the degradation of the environment by buying the latest fashionable clothes or the latest IPhone. This world is sick.

Anyway, open your eyes and your mind, reads some good books, and live your life to the fullest but soberly while you still can.