Whether you are an experienced explorer, a content creator (photo, video), or simply an urbex enthusiast, we can help each other!
By becoming a partner, you join one of the largest urbex networks.

Usually, it’s more or less sharing our respective databases / knowledge. You share with us your database (map, excel file, e-mail listing …), and we do the same.

  • For example, you tell us you want to share your map of urbex coordinates in France with us. We agree on an exchange (your map of France for our). You share your map, we share our. Simple.

You can propose other types of partnerships:

  • Would you like to promote our website in exchange for coordinates?
  • Would you like to update our database in Belgium in exchange for our map of Belgium (or any other country) ?
  • Would you like us to promote your youtube channel / social networks in exchange for coordinates?

Fill in the form below, we will study your proposal and get back to you shortly

Tell us about yourself. Are you an urban explorer ? Are you a photographer? How long have you been exploring ?
Have you purchased locations on our website? Have you exchanged with us? Did you communicate with us by email before ?
Do you have an Instagram page, a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, ...?
Which regions and countries are you familiar with (in detail)?
How many urbex do you know (total number and number by region / country) ?
Do you have a map with your urbex locations ? Would you be willing to share it with us?
What do you expect from this partnership? What would you be interested in?
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