We are currently developing a network of explorers in order to expand our knowledge worldwilde.


Are you familiar with a region or a country (urbex locations, tips, dead spots)? We can offer you a partnership. What does it consist of?

Tell us what your looking for:

  • Access to one (or more) of our Maps.
  • Promotion of your social networks / youtube channel
  • Something else

Think about what do you have to offer:

  • Urbex coordinates unknown to us
  • Tips about some places (e.g. where to enter, …)
  • Updates about some locations (outdated coordinates in our shop, …)
  • Pictures

It’s more or less sharing our respective databases / knowledge

Tell us about yourself. Are you an urban explorer ? Are you a photographer? How long have you been exploring ?
Have you purchased locations on our website? Have you exchanged with us? Did you communicate with us by email before ?
Do you have an Instagram page, a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, ...?
Which regions and countries are you familiar with (in detail)?
How many urbex do you know (total number and number by region / country) ?
Do you have a map with your urbex locations ? Would you be willing to share it with us?
What do you expect from this partnership? What would you be interested in?
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