Urban exploration

Urban exploration is essentially a way to reach new perspectives on the world around us. It’s looking at a common place with a new look, visiting sites where the majority of people would not think or would not want to go or, perhaps, where they do not think to be allowed to go.

What is urbex?

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Who is Urbex for?

Urban explorers

Satisfy your passion with incredible locations


The best locations for all your artistic creations


Find authentic places for your shoots

Photo models

Put all the odds on your side with unique decors


Get off the beaten track, discover new places

Adventurous / curious

This weekend go exploring mysterious places


1 update = 1 free coordinate

Have you seen any coordinate that needs to be updated? (destruction, renovation, fire, new owner…)

Let us know, and be rewarded. Obviously, you need proof (pictures, videos, articles, google street view…)



Do you want to exchange databases or have us promote you?
Whatever your idea, we will consider it.

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Do you exchange urbex coordinates?

Yes. To make an exchange request, it’s here, or in the “exchange” buttons on the top menu.

Serious: Are you afraid of getting nothing in return? Our main source of new coordinates comes from exchanges with the community. This means that it is in our interest to answer to all requests within a short time.

Join hundreds of explorers who trust us with their exchanges. We have over 1500 exchange requests processed in the last 3 years. Dealing with a legally established company is more reassuring than dealing with strangers or dubious websites.

Fast: You will receive a reply the same day or the next day. Guaranteed response within 72 hours.

Requirements: Check that we don’t already have the coordinates you propose, even if we will check it everytime. And finally, your exchange request must be “fair”: proposing a ruin and asking for a location in good condition will probably not be accepted and you will have to change what you ask for it.

Are your coordinates up to date? Can I send you updates?

You have information about coordinates in our database (destruction, renovation, fire, new owner…)?

To send us an update, it is here, or in the “updates” button in the top menu.

1 checked update = 1 free coordinates of your choice.

You need to send proof about the update (pictures, videos, internet articles, google street view…).

Updates are very important to us. This allows us to keep our database up to date, unlike the database of our competitors. That’s the large number of updates and exchanges with the community that have made EasyUrbex a trusted partner for explorers and also the market leader.

You can judge for yourself, the outdated coordinates can be found in the “deleted” categories, and also mentioned as “dead spot” on our maps. You will also come across explorer’s “reports” and tips.

Can i ask for a refund?

The coordinates you purchased are outdated (fire, renovation, sale, destruction, access impossible, new owner…)?

To request a refund click here, or on “refunding” in the top menu

You must:

  • Fill in the form.
  • Have purchased individual coordinates (we do not refund the purchase of a map licence, see why below).
  • Give us proof that the place(s) purchased are outdated (In accordance with our T&C’s you signed at the time of your purchase, we will not refund or exchange without proof).

After having studied your request, we will answer you as soon as possible (in a 72h delay). We will discuss your request by email.

We do not refund the purchase of a map licence, unless you have a technical problem (e.g. no access).

Why? Some outdated coordinates are not a valid reason for a refund (see our T&C’s). The price of the maps is much lower than the price of the coordinates if you buy them one by one, in order to take into account the probability that you will perhaps come across an outdated spot in your exploration. In addition, the condition and status of urbex places varies over time, it’s a part of the practice.

Can we find some form of partnership?

Yes. For any partnership request, please click here, or on the “partnership” button on the homepage.

All partnership requests are studied by our team. We prefer experienced explorers (several years of experience), with strong social networks and/or a youtube channel, although this is not mandatory.
You must have a strong knowledge of urbex locations in your region/country and practice urbex regularly.

Usually, it’s more or less sharing our respective databases / knowledge. You share with us your database (map, excel file, e-mail listing …), and we do the same.

  • For example, you tell us you want to share your map of urbex coordinates in France with us. We agree on an exchange (your map of France for our). You share your map, we share our. Simple.

But we are open to other types of partnerships like:

  • Helping us updating our database in a particular region / country in exchange for one or more of our map(s)
  • Promoting our website in exchange for coordinates
  • Giving us new coordinates or updates for a promotion of your youtube channel / social networks.

We currently have about 15 partners throughout Europe.

How do i access my map?

We have created a special page to explain it to you : How to access my map?

In short, you have 3 way to access your map:

  • Immediately after purchasing your map, on the post-purchase page, click on your products under the “access your purchased content”.
  • Log in to your EasyUrbex account, click on Maps > My Maps on the top menu, and select the map you purchased.
  • Log in into your EasyUrbex account, click on “orders”, click on the order number, then click on the name of your map under “Access your purchased content”.
How do i download my coordinates?

We have created a special page to explain it to you : How to access my coordinates?

In short, download is available:

  • Immediately after purchasing your coordinate, on the post-purchase page, click on your products under the “download” column.
  • In the order confirmation email, click on your product name.
  • Log in into your EasyUrbex account, click on “orders”, click on the order number, then click on the name of your coordinate under “download”.
How do I access my customer account?

To access your customer account, click here or on the “LOG IN” button in the top right.

  • What is my account for? It is mainly used to find the history of your orders and to access their content.
  • What are your login details? Your login details were created automatically when you placed your first order. When you placed your first order, you entered your email address and your password. These are the log in details of your account. You also received an email confirmation of account creation at that time.
  • You have lost your password? Click here, or on “Lost your password” on the “customer account” page.
All you need to know about our maps

We have created a special page to explain it to you : All you need to know about our maps

Is the payment secure?

Payments by credit/debit card are secured by the company Stripe, one of the most well-known and widespread online payment infrastructures. Deliveroo, Booking.com and thousands of other companies use Stripe for their online payments.

Or you can choose your usual secure payment intermediary:

  • Paypal
  • Bancontact
  • IDeal

Pictures / videos

What secrets are behind our urbex places ?
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Follow the evolution of Easyurbex.

PATCH 21/10/2021
  • New video presentation. We have reworked the video on the homepage to show you some of our explorations.
PATCH 06/10/2021
  • Redirections. We have reviewed the broken internal links.
  • Map subscriptions. We have changed the timing of access to the maps. Access to the maps is now unlimited in time.
PATCH 10/09/2021
  • F.A.Q. We have reworked the F.A.Q. to make it easier for our customers to find certain information.

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