Do you have information about coordinates (demolition, renovation, fire, new owner…)?

1 update = 1 coordinates of your choice as long as the coordinate wanted in exchange is at the same price (or lower) than the price of the outdated coordinate.

You need to give us a proof (pictures, videos, internet articles, google street view…). Remember to take some photos of the outdated locations you have been to!

Example : Villa ZZZ = demolished. Castle XXX = fire. House Y : renovation. Manor K : new owner.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 20 files.
Give us proof (pictures, video, articles, google street view...). Without proof, your request is unlikely to succeed.
1 information = 1 coordinate (all coordinates except the ones at 3.99e)
1. Easyurbex is only a research facilitator : we do not guarantee the coordinates sold or exchanged. 2. It is also recalled that only GPS coordinates are sold or exchanged, and not the opportunity to visit the premises, Easyurbex does not guarantee the accessibility of these places. Easyurbex does not own theses places. 3. The Customer is reminded that the GPS coordinates sold may correspond to abandoned, hidden or forgotten places. The practice of the urbex is a risky practice. Indeed, some abandoned places can be degraded and have traps that should not be neglected: unstable or brittle floors, sharp glasses, hidden holes, presence of animals or hostile people. EasyUrbex warns the Customer against these places. In any case, EasyUrbex (the company or its representatives) can not be held responsible for the harmful material and / or physical and / or psychological consequences of the practice of Urbex by the Customer. This includes, without restriction, the deprivation of liberty or the death of the client. 4. EasyUrbex does not encourage you to enter properties without permission. If access to the premises is prohibited, the Customer is reminded that the authorization of the owner or guardians is necessary to enter. Indeed, breaking into private property or public places closed to the visit is punishable by law. EasyUrbex declines all responsibility for the consequences of entry without permission. In any case, in the absence of authorization and in case of doubt, the Customer is not advised to enter a private property. EasyUrbex does not encourage the violation of private property and advises against any infringement. The responsibility of EasyUrbex (the company or its representatives) can not be engaged in case of violation of private property or damage caused on this occasion. 5. If the location EasyUrbex exchanged with the customer is out of date, the customer can request an exchange using the refund form. If EasyUrbex confirms that the location is outdated (proof is required), the customer have the right to exchange the outdated location for a new one of equal or lower price than the outdated location.