The coordinates you purchased are outdated ?

Fire, renovation, sale, destruction, access impossible, new owner…


To request a refund you must:

  • Fill in the form.
  • Have purchased individual coordinates (we do not refund the purchase of a map licence except for a technical problem).
  • Give us proof that the place(s) purchased are outdated (In accordance with our T&C’s you signed at the time of your purchase, we will not refund or exchange without proof).
How we proceed?

After having studied your request, we will answer you as soon as possible (in a 72h delay).

How to fill out the form:

  • Outdated coordinates. List the outdated coordinates, why they are outdated and websites / articles URL’s if you have.
  • Which coordinates do you want ? You cannot ask for just any coordinates in return. Only those with a price less than or equal to the price of the outdated place.

How to be sure your refund will be accepted? Proof of what you are saying is essential. Drag your evidences in the “File upload” box. Without evidence, your request is unlikely to succeed.

Maps are not refunded?

We do not refund the purchase of a map licence, unless you have a technical problem (e.g. no access).

No refunds are possible once payment has been received. Virtual products for instant consumption are not subject to refund. You receive the product automatically and immediately after the purchase. 

Some outdated coordinates are not a valid reason for a refund. EasyUrbex is a search facilitator. We sell gps coordinates and not a guarantee that you can visit the places indicated by these coordinates or even that the places are simply still subject to being abandoned. In addition, the price of the maps is much lower than the price of the coordinates if you buy them one by one, in order to take into account the probability that you will perhaps come across an outdated spot in your exploration. Finally, the state of abandonment of the premises varies enormously, and you may come across some newly renovated locations, this happens and is a part of the practice.

At the time of your purchase, you signed our Terms and Conditions. For the issue of map refunds, Article 11.5 applies:

11.5. No refunds are possible once payment has been received. The customer receives the product automatically and immediately after the purchase. Virtual products for instant consumption are not subject to refund.

If the customer makes a claim by a payment method such as Paypal, Ideal or Bancontact, access to the purchased product is automatically suspended until a decision is made on the dispute. We invite our customers to contact us before a dispute is opened. In this way, the customer and the seller can communicate to find an amicable solution to the problem encountered. Failing this, the seller reserves the right to refuse the refund request.

The seller has implemented exceptions to the no refund rule:

– If the map is replaced for any reason by the seller, the seller undertakes to compensate the customer (e.g. free access to the replacement map) or to refund him/her.

– Any technical problem that does not allow the customer to access the product.

– The product does not match the description. Under no circumstances are “out of date” locations a valid reason. The map licence service is a service to facilitate the search for abandoned places. Access to a map with GPS coordinates that may lead to abandoned places is sold. No guarantee is sold that these GPS coordinates will undoubtedly lead to an abandoned place at the time of the client’s visit (Refer to Article 8 – Exclusions of guarantee of the seller).

I have exchanged with you

Did you made an exchange with us and the coordinate we gave you is outdated?

Fill in the form, give us a proof, and select the “i ask for an exchange” box.

Find it in your mailbox or your EasyUrbex Account
List the outdated coordinates and why (tell us your story about the outdated location(s) and/or the URL of websites / articles corroborating your request).
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 20 files.
Your evidences (pictures, photos, videos...)