The coordinates you purchased are outdated ?

Fire, renovation, sale, destruction, access impossible…

Your choices:

  • Ask for a refund (with a price location equal to or lower than the one purchased)

  • Ask for an Exchange with location(s) of your choice (location of the same price / or lower than the price of the outdated location)

This choice is to be made in the form below



  • You have purchased individual coordinates

  • You have exchange locations with us. No refund possible, only an exchange (this choice is to be made in the form below)

  • You have exchanged updates with us. No refund possible, only an exchange (this choice is to be made in the form below)

We do not refund for the purchase of Map licenses (in accordance with our T&C’s).


You must:

  • Fill in the form above

  • Give us proof that the place(s) purchased are outdated

In accordance with our T&C’s, we will not refund or exchange without proof.

After having studied your request, we will answer you as soon as possible (48h max). We will discuss your request by email. We may also ask you to provide more evidence.

Refund or exchange

Give us your order number (you can find it in your mailbox). Example : 11012
List the outdated coordinates and why. Example : Villa XXX = destroyed; Castle ZZZ = Fire
Tell us your story about the outdated location(s) and/or the URL of websites / articles corroborating your request
Cliquez ou déplacez des fichiers dans cette zone pour les téléverser. Vous pouvez téléverser jusqu’à 10 fichiers.
Pictures, videos
Choose between refund or exchange
Article 9 – Refund Policy 9.1 If the customer have purchased outdated location(s) (the reasons can be : fire, renovation, new owner, destruction…) the customer can ask for a refund or an exchange (the exchange concerns locations at the same price or at a lower price than the outdated location). 9.2 The customers refund request must be made using the form provided for this purpose in the « refund » tab. 9.3 For any request for reimbursement, the customer undertakes to contact the seller using the refund form before initiating any form of dispute / reimbursement through the following payment solutions: Stripe, Paypal, Bancontact and IDeal. 9.4 The customer has the obligation to provide the evidence that the product is outdated (pictures, videos, press articles…). The seller will not refund or exchange without a proof by the customers. 9.5 After having studied the customer request, we will answer you within 72 hours. The request can be discuss by email and the seller may also ask to provide more evidence. 9.6 The reasons why the product(s) are no longer up to date, and the evidence provided by the customer are at the sole discretion of the seller.